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The Mollydooker Shake

No, not a dance or a chocolate beverage. Sarah and Sparky Marquis from Mollydooker demonstrate the preferred method of preparing a bottle of their fine wine for drinking. Makes sense to me.

The Mollydooker Shake from Ralph Riccardi on Vimeo.

The Mollydooker Shake
Is it the newest dance move? No. It is the best way to prepare our wines before you drink them.
Sarah & Sparky Show You How: Watch the Video

How Does The Mollydooker Shake Work?
We use inert Nitrogen gas during the bottling process as a way to protect the fruit flavour of our wines in the bottle. Nitrogen gas is a great preservative so that means we can use fewer sulphites in our winemaking. The only thing about Nitrogen gas is that it tends to flatten the back end of the round ball of fruit flavour in the wine. By doing the Mollydooker Shake, you release the nitrogen gas and the flavour becomes big and round again.

Why do we use Nitrogen gas in our winemaking?
Sulphites are often added to wine after fermentation to protect the wine from oxidation. The only problem is that some people have an allergy to high levels of sulphites and may get headaches. By using Nitrogen to protect the wine during winemaking, we can use less sulphites and more people can enjoy our wines.

Do I Shake All My Mollydookers?
Yes. EXCEPT Goosebumps, The Violinist, and any wines more than 2-years old.

Can I Just Decant My Wines?
You certainly can, but doing the Shake is faster and more effective – and a lot easier if you are out on a picnic!

How Important is the Mollydooker Shake?
We always do it with our young red wines because it helps the components of the wine to integrate. It’s so essential in fact; it’s how we prepare them for every tasting event.

Take the Mollydooker Taste Test to See for Yourself.
From a new bottle of Mollydooker, pour some wine out into a glass and set it aside (any young wine except Goosebumps and The Violinist will work). Do the Mollydooker Shake on the rest of the wine in the bottle, and pour some into another glass. Then taste them side by side. The difference will amaze you.

Do the Mollydooker Shake! Your wines will taste great every time, and you’ll have fun and create interest wherever you go.

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